About Journal

Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnograhy (Kunstkamera) of the RAS is pleased to present the journal Kunstkamera. The periodical aims to cover a wide spectrum of modern scholarship in the fields of museum studies, history of science, ethnography, ethnology, cultural anthropology and neighboring disciplines. It focuses on such issues as different approaches to museum work, history of collections, biographies of museum objects and exhibiting practices, museum audiences and displays. The name of the journal is a nod to the traditions of classical academic scholarship. In much the same way that the work of the Kunstkamera was initially based on novel principles, today the journal of the same name is open to change and new approaches in social sciences and humanities. Kunstkamera is the official publication of the Alliance of Early Universal Museums.

The journal is published quarterly, the first issue having come out in autumn 2018, and accepts contributions in Russian and English.