Panáková J. Dealing With Grief Through Photography (Providensky District, Chukotka)

Jaroslava Panáková
University in Bratislava
Bratislava, Slovakia


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ABSTRACT. Carried out among the Yupik and Chukchi people in Providensky Disrict, Chukotka, the study demonstrates how portrait photography is being adopted to the local cultural modes of coping with grief and bereavement and how, if at all, visuality challenges these modes. Although photography in Russian Beringia is a Soviet import, the locals manage to invent their own ways of its use. For instance, gravestone photographs represent a case of Soviet influence: not only the photographs, but the entire genre has been borrowed. However, the photographs are also incorporated into the existing practices such as “feeding” of the spirits and belief in “return”. It is suggested that photography in this case neither effaces, nor deeply transforms the existing modes of commemoration and mourning; nevertheless, it enables us to explore those facets of emotions that have not been studied before in the context of the existing ritual practices. 

KEYWORDS: grief, grave photography, commemoration practices, Chukotka 

УДК 77:393(571.651)
DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2018-2-201-208



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