Tselishcheva V. G. The Reformatting and Framing of the Social Past

Veronika G. Tselishcheva
Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design
Saint Petersburg, Russia
E-mail: nics3@yandex.ru


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ABSTRACT. The article is based on archival and field materials and looks into the ways of changing the dispositions of groups in the social space. It focuses primarily on the influence of temporal ideas and new forms of storage and transmission of information. The objects of the research are three indigenous ethnic groups of the Amur Region: Nanai, Ulchis, and Udege. “Historical heritage”, “cultural traditions”, “vestiges” and other concepts that are related to the discoursive concept of the past appear to be contradictory and ambiguous for the majority of these people. The main argument of the article centers around the social aspects of memory, since what and how we remember depends on the social environment. Playing the role of an “external memory”, libraries and museums help us to overcome our forgetfulness. The same function is performed by people who share the social space with us. But how the very existence of the group can depend on the need of distribution and storage of information? This paper attempts to find an answer to this question. 

KEYWORDS: ethno-cultural processes, indigenous peoples of the Far East, social time, historical and cultural heritage, social practices, social interaction 

УДК 323.15(571.6)
DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2018-2-135-142



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