2019. Issue 1 (3)

Melnikova E. A. “All Breathes of Russ… ”: on the History of Russian North on the Symbolic Map of the Imagined Russia 6–22
Kuznetsova V. P. Expeditions of K. V. Chistov in Karelia 23–35
Markovskaya E. V. Recollections about I. A. Fedosova Recorded in the Late Twentieth Century: on the Transformation of Collective and Individual Memory 36–43
Ivanova L. I. Mauri M. Khoteeva: a Multifaceted Talent and Narrative Versatility 44–56
Ivanova T. G. Toponyms in the North Russian Lamentations: Female View of Space 57–67
Nikitina S. E. The Road in the Life and Spiritual Verses of Old Believers in the Russian North 68–82
Baranov D. A. Some Aspects of the Fairytale World’s Chronotope in the Art of I. Bilibin 83–93
Veselova I. S. “The Letter of Partition of Assets by Kilits’s Brothers Andreevs”, or Discourses and Practices of Equal Division among the Peasants on the Russian North 94–104
Kotkin K. Ya. Images of a Soviet Utopia: Between the Oblivion of Tradition and the Memory of it (Drawings of Sami Schoolchildren at the Turn of the 1920s and 1930s from V. Charnoluskiy’s Archive) 105–116
Gramatchikova N. B. The Northern Ural: The Routes For Searching, Experiencing and Escape 117–128
Chuv’iurov A. A. The World War Remembrance: Memorates, Fabulates, and Commemorative Background 129–143
Shchepanskaia T. B. Raidsharing in Russia: Digital Environment, New Economies and Traditional Practices 147–161
Davydov V. N. The Use of Resources by Local People in Chukotka in the Context of Socio-Economic Changes 162–170
Kisel V. A. National Traditions and the State: a History of Relations (the Case of Tuva) 171–188
Glebova E. V. Ritual Fish Skin Jelly in the Culture of Indigenous Peoples of the Lower Amur and Sakhalin 189–195
Fedorova N. V., Gusev A. V. The Three Revolutions of Ust-Poluy 196–204
Zozulya S. S. Ture Arne’s Excavations in Mikhailovskoe in 1913 205–228
Vassilkov Ya. V., Kotin I. Yu. Collection of Papier-Mâché Pieces Acquired By A. M. and L. A. Meerwarth in Kashmir in 1916 229–238
Albedil M. F., Babin A. N. The Ethnographic Collection of Ivan P. Minaev: the Problems of Attribution and Interpretation 239–248