Ivanova L. I. Mauri M. Khoteeva: a Multifaceted Talent and Narrative Versatility

Lydmila I. Ivanova
Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Science
Petrozavodsk, Russia
E-mail: ljuchiki@mail.ru


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ABSTRACT. The article deals with the biography and folklore heritage of Mauri M. Khoteeva, one of the oldest Karelian storytellers. Her tough life left its traces on all of her work. She learned epic and folk tale traditions from her parents and fellow villagers. Khoteeva had excellent skills of improvisation: there were many keenings and joiga in her repertoire. She was a professional matchmaker, so she knew a lot of wedding songs and weepings. Childlore and lullabies were recorded from her. Khoteeva was a talented performer and improviser, who mastered almost every folklore genre. The career of Khoteeva can be divided into two stages. In 1918 she was recorded by Finnish folklore collectors, who focused on the poetry of the Kalevalian metric. And between 1928 and 1938, in the Soviet period, she was discovered as a talented storyteller, mourner and compiler of novins. In the article we look for a reason why all the epic songs recorded from Mauri Khoteeva are very short, why they are interrupted in mid sentence. We speculate that this is due to the mental fullness of the ancient Karelian runes and the belief of the storyteller in the accuracy of what they tell about.

KEYWORDS: Karelians, biography, folkloristic genres, improvisation, epics, mentality, faith, Kalevalian metric


УДК 398.87(470.22)
DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2019-1(3)-44-56



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