2019. Issue 3 (5)

Golovnev A.V. Museum Thinking: The Temptation of Discovery and Storage Instinct  9
Zaunstöck H. Georg Friedrich Weise — An Invisible Agent of Pietism in Russia: His Travels and Handwritten Notes in the Global Network of Pietists, 1730-43 19
Voronova M.V., Pervak V.E. Museum Building — the Building of a Museum (from the History of The Russian Ethnographic Museum in 1902–1923) 39
Dmitriev V.A. The Ethnographic Department of The Russian Museum in the Complex of Academic Interests of A. A. Miller, a Paleo-ethnologist and a Museum Employee 48
Kubel E.L. Dynamics of the Exhibition Activities of the Ethnographic Department of The State Russian Museum in the Second Half of the 1920s (the Case of Exhibitions of the Central Asian Branch) 59
Belorussova S.Yu. From Museum Building to Ethno-Building (Southern Ural Nagaibak Case) 67
Lupanova E.M. “A Redundant Man Who Should Not Have Been Kept...”? Isaak Bruckner and his Sun Clock Globe in the MAE RAS (Kunstkamera) 76
Dmitrenko L.M., Kondakova O.V. Náprstek Museum Manuscript Archive Materials (Prague, Czech Republic) as the Source of Albert Vojtech Frič MAE Collections’ Studding and Attribution 85
Davydov V.N. Technologies of Amguema Tundra Nomads: the Use of Things as a Part of the New Material Objects’ Creation 97
Perevalova E.V., Kukanov D.A. Narta: Old Technologies and New Materials (Yamal, Kola Peninsula, Chukotka) 106
Novik A.A. Silver Filigree in North Macedonia at the Turn of The XX–XXI Centuries 119
Golant N.G., Ryzhova M.M. Furniture and Interior Objects Names in the Subdialect of Tsaran Vlachs of Eastern Serbia 134
Yanshina O.V. Some Remarks on the Ages of the Earliest Pottery of South China 142
Kisser T.S. On the Organization of “Physical” Expeditions of 1768–1774 164
Feklova T.Yu. “Obedient to the Decree” of The Senate: the Formation of Expedition Documentation During the Academic Expeditions of 1768–1774 171
Sytin A.K. Academic “Physical” Expeditions and the Specialization of Botany 179
Bereznitsky S.V. Anadyr Ostrog’s Commander Friedrich Plenisner and his Methods of Ethnographic Data Collection (1760s) 189
Abaydulova A.G. Pallas and the Drawings of Güldenstädt’s Expedition: on the Attribution of Illustrations of the Academy of Sciences’ “Physical” Expeditions of 1768–1774 200
Nechvaloda E.E. “Eine vornehme Kirgisin” in the Illustrations of the Expedition of I.P. Falk: The Visual Image of Transural Bashkir Woman in the Eighteenth Century 209
Rebeschenkova I.G. Academic Expeditions and Scientific Results of the Trip to Altai by I. M. Renovanz 218
Atnagulov I.R. The Peoples of South Ural in the “Orenburg Topography...” by P. I. Rychkov (on the Role of State Policy in the Development of New Identities) 230
Khropov A.G. Reconstruction of the 1768–1774 Academic Expeditions Routes on the Basis of Contemporary Maps 239
Kopaneva N.P. “The Blessed Messerschmidt”: P.S. Pallas on the Scientific Heritage of D.G. Messerschmidt 252