Davydov V.N. Technologies of Amguema Tundra Nomads: the Use of Things as a Part of the New Material Objects’ Creation

Vladimir N. Davydov
Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences
St. Petersburg, Russia
E-mail: davydov.kunstkamera@gmail.com


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ABSTRACT. In everyday life of Amguema tundra nomadic reindeer herders the process of things’ exploitation can be seen as an integral part of new material objects’ production. The article is built upon the materials gathered within two fieldwork trips in Chukotskii autonomous district in December- February 2017–2018 and July-September 2018. It analyzes the creation of things within a wide context. Providing a critical rethinking of J. Ritzer’s McDonaldization theory the author describes technological processes, where the exploitation of things is embedded into everyday life and takes place within a multiple actions and movements. In this sense, reindeer herders produce objects not only within the intentional application of tools and physical force, but under the influence of weather conditions, everyday exploitation and transportation of things, as well as mobility of various actors. The movements of nomads and transportation of their property are important components of the production and modification of material objects. The combination of multiple effects on an object and manipulations with it in the course of exploitation leads to a gradual change of its physical properties, as well as the quality of materials a thing was made from. The article discusses the temporal dimension of the material objects’ production and the pragmatic strategies, employed by the nomads to minimize the efforts within the process of things’ creation in a situation of a relative autonomy.


KEYWORDS: Chukotka, Iul’tinskii district, Amguema Tundra, reindeer herders, nomads, things, technologies, processing of materials, autonomy, McDonaldization theory


УДК 397.4(=551.1)
DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2019-3(5)-97-105



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