Khropov A.G. Reconstruction of the 1768–1774 Academic Expeditions Routes on the Basis of Contemporary Maps

Alexander G. Khropov
Institute of Geography Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, Russia


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ABSTRACT. Besides comprehensive all-encompassing descriptions of various objects and phenomena, the travel journals of the 1768–1774 academic expeditions participants include many references to the names of geographical objects (settlements, rivers, lakes, etc.) encountered on their route. These references, supplied with some additional short facts or left without any information at all, are generally of no interest in historical or geographical terms, but they play very important role nowadays as spatial markers enabling exact localization of the expeditions routes on the basis of available contemporary maps. New scrupulous reading of I. I. Lepyokhin’s “Travel Journal” accompanied by searching of topographical maps for all the geographical objects mentioned or described by him resulted in a significantly more accurate and detailed pattern of the scholar’s travel routes through European Russia in 1768–1772; this new pattern eliminates cartographic inaccuracies and errors made in previous publications on the topic.


KEYWORDS: academic expeditions of 1768–1774, I. I. Lepyokhin, “Travel Journal”, route maps 


УДК 913
DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2019-3(5)-239-251



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