Blinova E. V. «African» London: the generation of the phenomenon

Elizaveta V. Blinova — P. G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University (Russia, Yaroslavl) 


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УДК 94(410.111) 
DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2019-4(6)-168-175


ABSTRACT. The article studies the genesis and development of the phenomenon of “African” London. It demonstrates how the making of the phenomenon was possible in London, the capital of the world’s largest colonial empire, a giant city, and the “City of Nations”. The author reveals key issues and mechanisms that served as a basis for the establishment of the phenomenon of “African” London, the formation of which occurred in the temporal and spatial unity. Due to their somatic appearance Africans were visible in the imperial capital. The article provides the definitions of the concept of “African” relevant to London. The author discusses the use of the term “African” London in the context of the history of Africans in Britain in the Russian historiography, and in relation to “black” London, when African researchers and Africans themselves embarked on the path of representation of their history, its representation-rethinking. The achievements of London Africans in the intellectual, artistic, and sport fields are reviewed within the present context of the existence of the phenomenon of “African” London. Also, the author gives some statistical data on the number of Africans in London. The article describes the state of studies of “African” London on a professional level and provides a brief description of the stages of the British historiography regarding the issue.


KEYWORDS: “African” London, “Black”, African, Migration, Diaspora, Britain



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