Gribanova V. V. New phenomena in the educational system of South Africa in the twenty first century

Valentina V. Gribanova — Ph.D. in History, Senior Researcher Fellow, the Centre for History and Cultural Anthropology of the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia, Moscow) 


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УДК 37.014(680) 
DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2019-4(6)-70-80


ABSTRACT. The victory of the African National Congress in the elections in April 1994 led to major changes in the life of South African society, including education. According to the second chapter of the new Constitution and the Educational Act (1996), now everyone has the right to basic education, including basic adult education and further education. Almost all the last decade of the twentieth century became a difficult time for the educational system. The consequences of such a radical restructuring of society and education are still evident. One of the most acute problems was the low level of qualifications of teachers and small number of them. Great difficulties in school are associated with a decline in the professional prestige of school teacher and the degradation of relationships between teacher and student. The problems of recent times include the reduction of funding for the educational system and the low average level of preparation at school. The new trends in education in South Africa are an alternative educational project implemented by the Islamic community and the introduction of free higher education in 2018. The first trend is discussed in the article by means of analysis of Islamic schools in Lenazia and Azaadville. The second trend was the result of protests of South African youth, which took place throughout 2015–2017 and received the name “Fees must fall”.



KEYWORDS: South Africa, education system, Islamic schools, free higher education, student movements



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