Gusarova E. V. Memories of Captain Nesterov about Nikolay I. Ashinov’s expedition to Abyssinia

Ekaterina V. Gusarova
Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
National Research University, Higher School of Economics;
National Library of Russia
(Russia, St. Petersburg)


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УДК 94(47).082 
DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2019-4(6)-81-88 


ABSTRACT. A number of academic and near-academic works were written about the sensational expedition of N.I. Ashinov. Its main ideologist and performer, Nikolai Ivanovich Ashinov, has an ambivalent reputation. Some think that the “ataman of free Cossacks” has to be a bold and enterprising advocate of the welfare of Russia and its interests, while for others, on the contrary, he is a thoughtless and half-mad adventurer. The latter opinion is formed due to insufficient knowledge of archival materials related to the organization and the consequences of the expeditions undertaken by Ashinov and the geography of his activities. Ethiopia is still considered to be far and dangerous from various points of view. Even in our times people who are going to this distant country arouse some suspicions and prejudices (needless to say it was so one and a half centuries ago!). In this context, the purpose of the present study is to introduce into the academic circulation some little-known documents, which contain the details of the activities of Ashinov and his companions in the 1880s.


KEYWORDS: Abyssinia, Ethiopia, Ashinov’s expedition, the Horn of Africa, Italian occupation, archimandrite



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