2020. Issue 2 (8)

Editorial Note
Blinova A. N., Shlegel E. A. Identity Through the Museum: Transmission of the Cultural Heritage of Russian Germans 7
Bogdan V.-I. T. I. I. Shuvalov, Founder of the Academy of Arts Museum 19
Bolenko K. G. The Journal “Kraeved-Massovik” as a Source on the History of Moscow Region Estate Museums 32
Gorshkova V. V. Temporis Causa: the Development of the Museum Collection of Icons in Yaroslavl: 1922–1930 42
Dmitrenko L. M. Juan Bautista Ambrosetti, the Founder of the Museum of Ethnography in Buenos Aires and the Organizer of Russian-Argentine Collections Exchange with the MAE in 1908–1913 53
Ivanov D. V., Kiy E. A. Archaeological Artifacts from East Turkestan in the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography 66
Klimenko M. S. Historical and Cultural Museum Complex in Razliv: from Mythologization to Museumifi cation 81
Kopaneva N. P. “To Remember for the Future” 91 
Kurochkin A. J. A Sword Staff. The “Sword of Shivaji” from the Collections of the MAE RAS 100
Lebedeva A. A. Different Fates: Turmeric and Pandanus in Micronesian Cultures 110
Fedorova M. Y. Thai Textile Motifs. An Attempt of Their Description and Interpretation (the Case of Skirt № 1041–92 from the Collections of the MAE) 118
Valiev M. T., Egorova S. K. Three Wars of Nikolai Novik 125
  Golant N. G., Novik A. A. Photographs by S. B. Yudovin Stored in the MAE RAS: Towards the History of the Collection 137 
Soboleva Е. S., Sorokina S. P. Jews in South America (According to the Materials of the Second Russian Expedition to South America in 1914–1915) 165
Sherstennikova E. S. Jewish Charity and Educational Institutions as Visitors to the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (According to the Museum’s Excursions Register 1899–1921) 181
Kapustina E. L. Food Transfers in the Context of Translocal Migration from Dagestan to Western Siberia 191
Rud’ A. A. Social Relationships’ Changes and the Emergence of New Identities among the Eastern Khanty in the Early Twenty First Century 201
Stepanova O. B. Selkup Man’schhiks: Their Origin, Production and Use 212