Kurochkin A. J. A Sword Staff. The “Sword of Shivaji” from the Collections of the MAE RAS

Aleksey Kurochkin
Journal of Historical Weapons Research
Moscow, Russia
E-mail: a.y.kurochkin@gmail.com


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ABSTRACT. The article is devoted to an item from the collections of the MAE RAS, which was previously used as a stage property by a folk theatre in Maharashtra and represented an attribute of Shivaji, a national hero of the Marathas. The author substantiates why a sword of a particular shape was chosen as a stage property and an attribute of Shivaji and how it corresponded to real pieces of this kind. He also analyzes the information about the known swords that belonged to the historical figure Shivaji and objects that are nowadays considered as such. The author provides primary historical sources, pictures and reports by Europeans, as well as the terms used for swords of this type in India. The research arrives at the conclusion that the sword belongs to the well-known group of Indian sword staffs of primarily ceremonial purpose, which represented first and foremost the insignia of power and the higher rank of their owner.


KEYWORDS: Shivaji, Marathas, sword staff, weapons of India


УДК 069.5(470.23-25)
DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2020-2(8)-100-109



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