2020. Issue 3 (9)

Editorial Note
Albedil M. F. Ancient Indian Sacrifi cial Rituals: On the Consubstantiality of Man and Animal in Hinduism 7
Demchenko M. B. Chaitanya in the Bhaktamāla Poem by Nābhādās 14
Druzhinin V. Yu. Interpretations of the First Verse of Aṣṭaṅga-hṛdaya-saṁhitā by Medieval Commentators (the Case of Aruṇadatta) 21
Ignatiev A. A. Ramayana Version in Mahabhagavata Purana 27
Kurochkin A. J. Fakir’s Crutch 34
Pavlova M. B. The Legend of the Child Poet. Sambandar: Myth and Reality 43
Beliaeva-Sachuk V. A. XXIV Pandito Khambo Lama Damba Ayusheyev: Religious, Ethnic or Regional Leader? 55
  Dugushina A. S. Albanians of Ukraine: Dynamics of Identity and Ethno-Strategies in the Twenty-First Century 65 
Zakharova E. J. Surname Movement in Georgia: Kinship as the Basis of a National Utopia 80
Aleksashenko N. A. Traceological Method in Studying Ancient and Traditional Technologies 93
Vedmid’ G. P. Protective Zoning of Historical Territories in Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug–Ugra: an Attempt of Planning Regulation of Oil and Gas Fields 104
Gushchina E. G., Mingaliev A. Kh. Jewish Collections in the Ethnographic Museum of Kazan University 115

Davydov V. N. Containerization of the Arctic: Mobile Modules of Space Appropriation in the Far North 121
Ermolin D. S. Old Believers Online: Bridges, Borders and Media Streams 130
Shrader T. A. Between Russians and Norwegians (Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries) 141
Solovyeva T. Yu., Patrina D. G., Petrova A. A., Sherstennikova E. S. New Scenarios for the Development of Online Communications at MAE RAS 148
Golovnev A. V. The Arctic: A Synopsis of 40 Years of Research 161