Demchenko M. B. Chaitanya in the Bhaktamāla Poem by Nābhādās

Maxim B. Demchenko
Moscow State Linguistic University
Moscow, Russia 



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ABSTRACT. Chaitanya is a medieval Bengali saint popularly worshiped in Bengal and Odisha as an incarnation of Krishna or/and his beloved śakti Radha. During the past decades, his image has been popularized in the West following the ISKCON missionary activities. At the same time, a peculiar “Chaitanya theme” has also developed outside the Bengali socio-cultural fi eld, and among Hindi speaking North Indian Rāmānandīs in particular. In this article, I attempt to analyze the image of Chaitanya in the seventeenth-century poem written by Goswami Nabhadas, a Rāmānandī saint who had made an effort to give a more or less complete and impartial account of scholars, saints and poets of his time within the Bhakti movement. I also attempt to reveal the reasons of the emergence of Chaitanya cult and its distinguishing features in Avadh.


KEYWORDS: Chaitanya, Ramanandis, Bhakti, Vaishnava, Bengal, Avadh, Avadhi, Hindi


УДК 233.2
DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2020-3(9)-14-20



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