Gushchina E. G., Mingaliev A. Kh. Jewish Collections in the Ethnographic Museum of Kazan University

Elena G. Gushchina
Ethnographic Museum of Kazan Federal University
Kazan, Russia

Arslan Kh. Mingaliev
Ethnographic Museum of the Kazan Federal University
Kazan, Russia


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ABSTRACT. This article provides a description and attribution of items from the collections of Jewish items of the Ethnographic Museum of Kazan University. The defi nition of ‘Jewish’ is given to collections conditionally, since the items assigned to them were never listed under this common name in offi cial documents. However, the very historical and cultural nature of the exhibits and their representative meanings allow us to attribute these items to the Jewish culture. The purpose of the article is to introduce previously unexplored collections into the scholarly discourse and attract subject specialists for their further study. There are two collections registered in the Ethnographic Museum: EMU № 102 and EMU № 277, the items from them being related to the Jewish culture. The fi rst collection contains cult items (shofar, tefi llin) brought in 1916 from the Kherson Province at the request of B.F. Adler, the Director of the Ethnographic Museum and the Head of the Department of Geography and Ethnography of the Kazan University. The second collection is a set of postcards with images of Jewish everyday life, which was printed by Lebanon publishing house in the early twentieth century.


KEYWORDS: museum collection, ethnographic collection, Jews, Judaism, postcard


УДК 39(=411.16)
DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2020-3(9)-115-120



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