Ravinskij D. Walking in Saint Petersburg as a Cultural Phenomenon

Dmitry Ravinskij
Russian National Library
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation 
E-mail: dravinskij@mail.ru


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ABSTRACT. The central streets of the nineteenth and early twentieth-century Saint Petersburg inspire mixed feelings of admiration, disturbance and awe in the newcomers. Abundance of hastily moving pedestrians and vehicles was a special feature of Russia’s most splendid city. In pursuit to defend themselves from the psychological pressure of the “hostile crowd”, the citizens eventually developed particular strategies of urban behavior. One of them was flânerie, i.e. regulated and semiotically thick strolling up and down the fashionable streets of the city. Another strategy, developed in contrast to both the hasty movement of everyday life and the snobbish flânerie, was meditative walking, which was a kind of a creative action. In the article, the author defines different “genres” of such walks, naming them after A. Blok, F. Dostoevsky and A. Kushner.


KEYWORDS: Saint Petersburg, city walking, flânerie, Blok, Dostoevsky, A. Kushner


DOI 10.31250/2618-8619-2021-1(11)-147-155
УДК 008:94(470.23-25)



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