2018. Issue 1

Davydov V. N. The Practices of Appropriation of Space by East-Siberian Evenkis: Pragmatic Use of Anthropogenic Landscape and Infrastructure 8–15
Stepanova O. B. Revisting the Anthropogenic Landscape of the Basins of the Taz and Turukhan Rivers (17th — early 20th Centuries) 16–28
Zheltov A. Yu. African Studies and the Modern World, or African Studies Not Just About Africa 29–39
Kolesnikova M. A. Turkish Belt of Africa: From the Ottoman Past to the Ethnopolitical Paradigm of the Present 40–47
Shchepanskaia T. B. The Movement in the Megalopolis: Time and Body 48–59
Mazalova N. Ye. The Concept of Combining the Visual Image and the Word in a Single Exhibition Space 60–70
Belorussova S. Yu. Nagaibaks in Cyberspace 71–77
Gromov A. V., Khokhlov A. A. Age and Sex Structure of the Yamnaya Culture Inhumations From the Volga-Ural Region 78–86

Shirobokov I. G. Probabilistic Approach to Evaluating Hypotheses and Multiple Comparisons Problem in Craniology

Belskiy S. V. Tiversky Gorodok on the Vuoksi. Results of Researches of the Ladoga Lake Archaeological Expedition of MAE RAS in 2017 97–108
Stanyukovich M. V., Fedorov R. V. Urgent Anthropological Field Work in Southeast Asia. The North of Cambodia and the South of the Philippines 109–121
Golant N. G., Novik A. A. Terminology of Female Clothes of the Vlach-Tsarans in East Serbia and North-West Bulgaria 122–133
Buchatskaya J. V. Leisure in Franconia: Free Time Practices and Traditions 134–143
Kisser T. S. The Komideutsch: Field Notes on Ethnohistory 144–150
Davydova E. A. Food, Family and Work: the Field Work in the Amguema Settlement in Chukotka 151–157
Sinitsyn A. Yu. Emaki Scroll MAE № 312–58/2 in the Japanese Collection of MAE RAS and the Problem of its Attribution 158–169
Lebedeva A. A. On the Contemporary Culture of Maclay Coast Papuans (Society, Economy, Cultural Items, Self-Representation) 170–180
Prishchepova V. A. Semion Arkhipovich Bel’kin and Socialist Construction in Kara-Kalpak 181–189
Kopaneva N. P., Chistov Yu. K. On Publication of the Kunstkamera Collections Catalogue Musei Imperialis Petropolitani. Vol. 1. Part 1. Anatomical Collection 190–199
Korsun S. A. The Experience of Study and Publication of MAE RAS Collection on Indigenous Peoples of Russian America 200–206
Dmitrenko L. M. MAE RAS Collections Transferred to Buenos Aires Museum of Ethnography (1904–1913)  207–216
Soboleva E. S. Theodor A. Fjelstrup’s Ethnographic Routes (Based on His Letters From Latin America, Early 20th Century) 217–228
Bereznitsky S. V. Letters of Friedrich Plenisner to G. F. Miller as a Source on History and Ethnography of North-East Asia of the 18th Century 229–237
Vassilkov Ya. V. The Ideal Heroine of the Indian Love Ballad and the Status of Woman in the Socio-Normative Culture of the “Great Tradition” 240–247