Manuscript submission guide

Formatting Guidelines for Academic Papers 

By submitting a paper for publication in Kunstkamera (Кунсткамера) you pledge:  

  1. the fact that prior to your submittal the paper was never published elsewhere, and that is it neither being nor will be submitted for publication to another resource until the issue of its publication by Kunstkamera (Кунсткамера) has been fully resolved;
  2. the fact of your personal authorship of the paper and the fact that it contains no unreferenced fragments from previously published works by other authors. 

Papers to be published in Kunstkamera (Кунсткамера) journal shall be submitted in either Russian or English with maximum size not exceeding 1,0 signatures (40 000 symbols with spaces, including footnotes, tables, charts, and illustrations), complete with an abstract of 150–180 words, list of key terms, as well as a full author's profile in the English and Russian languages. The paper is to be complete with a title page, citing the author's full names, credentials (place of employment, tenure, degree, mailing address, e-mail, phone number). The submitted paper should be proofread and dated.  

The paper is submitted to the Editorial Board's email as a WinWord document. Font number is 12, the font is Times New Roman, line spacing — 1,5. Margins top/bottom — 2 cm., left — 3, right — 1,5, indentation — 1,25. Pages shall be numbered beginning with the first textual page in the bottom right corner. Formatting, use of tabulation, and forced hyphenation are not allowed.  

Illustrations are to be enclosed as separate files (*.tif or *jpeg, with 600 dpi quality).  

References are to be included within the main body of the text in round brackets.  

The references give the author's surname, followed by the publication date: (Wolfram 1988), (Kerner 1942); 

In cases of there being two authors, names of both are cited (Rogers, Taylor 1981); in cases of there being three or more authors only the first name is mentioned, all the others being subsumed under abbreviation «et al.» (Kirpichnikov et al. 1986); 

When the author's name is already mentioned in the text, the reference will contain only the date of publication «In the words of L. Margelis (1983)…»; 

In cases when one and the same author published multiple papers in the same year and they are being quoted their date shall be accompanied by a letter of the alphabet: (Vasiliev 1980а);  

When referring to a certain page number it should be quoted following a colon after the year of publication: (Bakhrushin 1955: 91–93);  

If it is necessary to enumerate several works of the same author, then the years of publications are given following the author's name separated by commas: (Bernshtam 1980, 1983); should works of multiple authors be enumerated, then each new name should be preceded by a semicolon: (Lebedev 2005; Maksimov 1987: 259); 

When referring to collective works, a few initial words of the title are given followed by omission points: (The Embassy Book… 1984); 

When referring to a multiple volume edition the volume or part number shall be included in round brackets immediately following the year: (Ivanov 1980 V. 2: 351). 

The paper is concluded with a list of references and sources in alphabetic order, which should conform with the scheme described: Names of the author(s). Full title of the work // (a title of collected publication and proceedings for papers is quoted following the paper title, separated from it by two forward slashes). City, publisher, year of publication. Volume, number, issue. Pages.  

Archive materials are quoted as case numbers and dates.  

The paper should contain a list of abbreviations (if such are present in the text). 

Notes are to be given at bottom of every page as consecutively numbered footnotes. 

Papers not formatted as per the above rules shall not be eligible for acceptance. 

All materials are to be submitted to the Editorial Board at: 

199034, Saint Petersburg, Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya, dom 3, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Kunstkamera (Кунсткамера) Editorial Board; email: